Euro-PRO is premium european oak that offers a high end finish suitable for all spaces. It’s rich, authentic qualities portray warmth and comfort in any lighting situation. Imported in it’s natural raw state, it is one of the most versatile timber flooring options on the market with countless finish options perfect for your space. A durable timber flooring option that is easy to maintain while providing that premium natural look and feel. 

Luxurious, rich and robust wooden flooring for your space

About our Euro-PRO premium oak flooring

Euro-PRO is a premium wooden flooring with a rich unrivalled look and finish.  Using a 6mm thick top layer of solid European Oak, and a 14mm plywood backing system, this 20mm thick (total), incredibly stable, unfinished engineered timber flooring is a great option for any new build, renovation or spruce up of the home, or in commercial applications. Euro-PRO gives you more solid timber above the tongue than some traditional 19mm thick timber flooring.

Luxurious European oak flooring

6mm European Oak Layer

Moisture resistant cross-ply base

Can be installed over concrete, timber or joists

Can be installed directly over underfloor heating systems

Completely customised finishing options

Prefinished or on-site finishing

Fully installed or supply only options

Maximising Natural Resources

Euro -Pro Dining area

Customisable wooden flooring

Because Euro-PRO is imported (and backed up by one of NZ’s leading timber flooring companies) in it’s natural “raw” state, we can custom design a floor finish just for you! Utilising our Italian made coating & brushing/polishing machine we can mix and match colours, add bevelled edges and create a unique timber product that nobody else has. Talk to us about your options! 

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