Pergo offers a sophisticated and contemporary range of high-quality hardwood floors.  Available in multiple textures made from a range of species including oak, all are designed to be incredible durable, easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Luxurious, rich and robust wooden flooring for your space

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Pergo Max® is an engineered hardwood that features a supportive core in the center of the floor, surrounded by beautifully-stained layers of real hardwood. Because it is more resistant to moisture and humidity than solid hardwood, it can be installed on all levels of the home. Each plank is finished with a texture that adds depth and style.

Premium quality

Mahogany Oak

Pergo’s luxurious high-quality hardwood floors are designed to provide that rich warm premium feel.

Naturally beautiful

Chantella Oak

Naturally beautiful with trend-forward surface textures in a range of species including oak, you’ll never go wrong in choosing Pergo flooring for your home.

Scratch Resistant

Lodge Oak

With UltimateShieldTM  Technology, the surface of all Pergo hardwoods is easy to clean and resists scuffs and scratches.

Parchment Oak by Pergo

Why choose Pergo prefinished engineered timber flooring

Choosing a beautiful floor is not just a matter of design

Pergo prefinished engineered timber flooring offers a top quality product, with the new StayClean technology. Offering a stunning range of colours, if you are after something just a little bit different,

Pergo is the prefinished engineered timber flooring product for you. The matt lacquer finishes and brushed surfaces across the range offers a lower maintenance floor surface and provides lower visibility of minor damage that every day life causes.




Keep your floors beautiful forever with our cleaning products