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Doing your research on Wooden Floors?

Get the free 'Complete Buyer's Guide to Wooden Flooring'.

Doing your research on Wooden Floors?

Get the free 'Complete Buyer's Guide to Wooden Flooring'.

Premium wooden flooring supply
and install specialists

Voted the best wooden flooring company in Auckland, at Just Hardwood Floors, we are wooden flooring specialists.  We have a wide variety of premium and luxurious wooden flooring that will re-energise your home, in a style that is perfect for your needs. Whether you’re adding value, breathing life back into an old room, or looking for something robust and a bit fancy – we are expertly placed to help you find and install the very best wooden floors on the market.

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About Just Hardwood Floors

New Zealand's leading specialists in quality timber, laminate and wooden flooring.

We offer award-winning design aesthetics, superior customer service and guarantees on workmanship and timber flooring products. Just Hardwood Floors are wooden floor specialists who offer a range of magnificent hardwood flooring products that are built to last almost forever.

Supply and install for residential and commercial spaces

Talk to us about finding the perfect flooring solution for your home’s decor. We offer one-on-one advice to ensure that you get the wood flooring package best suited to your needs and personal style.
Our team of flooring specialists will handle every aspect of your commercial flooring project, including estimating, ordering and delivery of all materials, and installation.
Once you’ve chosen your wooden flooring, the next step is getting it installed properly. At Just Hardwood Floors, we employ the very best workmanship to bring your wooden flooring to life and take the hassle out of having to find your own installation contractor.

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Engineered Wooden Flooring

One of the questions we get asked the most is “What is engineered wooden flooring?”. This article has everything you need to know about engineered wooden flooring to help you make the right decision.

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Pergo - JHF - Valley Grove Oak Flooring

How to clean your wooden floors

To clean or not to clean. There are so many myths and legends surrounding the cleaning of a wooden floor. It is NOWHERE NEAR as complex or difficult as some would have you believe, but there are a few massive DO NOT’s that we absolutely stick by.

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Best wooden floor for cats and dogs

Best wooden floor for cats and dogs

This is a truly nail biting (or claw biting) read about which wooden flooring is best suited for pet owners. Find that perfect balance between wooden flooring that is easy on the eye and easy on the paws (and claws).

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