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Welcome to the Just Hardwood Floors blog. With over 29 years experience working with wooden flooring, we are expertly equipped to answer your most important questions. Get expert advice and tips with our resources, and get in touch if you need personal assistance with your research. 

best wooden & laminate flooring

Engineered Wooden Flooring

One of the questions we get asked the most is “What is engineered wooden flooring?”. This article has everything you need to know about engineered wooden flooring to help you make the right decision.

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Pergo - JHF - Valley Grove Oak Flooring

How to clean your wooden floors

To clean or not to clean. There are so many myths and legends surrounding the cleaning of a wooden floor. It is NOWHERE NEAR as complex or difficult as some would have you believe, but there are a few massive DO NOT’s that we absolutely stick by.

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Best wooden floor for cats and dogs

This is a truly nail biting (or claw biting) read about which wooden flooring is best suited for pet owners. Find that perfect balance between wooden flooring that is easy on the eye and easy on the paws (and claws).

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What wooden flooring costs?

Before you buy any wooden flooring, you want to do your research on price. This blog answers the most common questions people have on ‘what wooden flooring costs?’.

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