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Laminate flooring by Pergo is popular for its style, durability and incredibly versatile features. It’s uniform grain and colour, with its smooth and consistent finish, decorative look and hard-wearing features combine to make laminate floor an almost irresistible choice – especially in heavy traffic rooms. 

Stylish & versatile laminate flooring for your space

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Pergo invented laminate floors over 40 years ago and still leads the category today with advanced engineering and production. To offer laminate that’s more beautiful and durable than other laminate flooring imitators, Pergo constructs its laminate with several patented materials, bonded together under extreme heat and pressure without toxic chemicals.

Easy Installation

Pergo Chateau Oak

Pergo’s laminate flooring products feature innovative locking systems for faster installation and superior joint strength.

Outstanding Durability

Pergo Laminate is Water resistant

Pergo developed new technologies to keep their laminate floors as worry-free as possible so you don’t have to compromise.

Beautiful Style

Pergo Natural Sawcut Oak

Beauty doesn’t have to mean vulnerability. Pergo flooring products preserve your room’s unique style for a lifetime.

Pergo Tundra Oak

About our laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has a highly scratch and dent-resistant surface, is great value, and easy for the home handyman to install – or if you prefer, we can install for you. 

No abrasions, no scuff marks, no scratches

Laminate flooring is a hard surface covering that normally consists of more than 90% melamine resin, which gives the floor its exceptional durability. Perfect for families with kids, pets or high traffic areas, our laminate flooring offers versatile options in a wide range authentic styles.

Should timber laminate flooring be damaged, it cannot be re-sanded, however depending on where the damage is, a board may be replaced or a wax repair could be possible.

Try the Pergo Interactive Floor Design Tool

The Pergo Interactive Floor Design Tool lets you easily mix and match floor colours and styles in seconds!

You can even upload your own rooms photos!

Pergo laminate flooring gallery

Pergo Rocky Mountain Oak

Pergo Siberian Oak

Beach Town Oak

Pergo Chateau Oak

Pergo Seaside Oak

Pergo Country Oak

Pergo Lodge Oak

Pergo Merbau Plank

Pergo Light Ford Oak

Pergo Stockholm Oak

Pergo Meadow Oak

Pergo Barnhouse Oak

Pergo Odense Clay Oak

Pergo Odense Oatmeal Oak

Pergo Odense Malt Oak

Pergo Odense Clouded Oak

Pergo Odense Vibrant Oak

Pergo Odense Dusk Oak

Pergo Odense Glacier Oak

Pergo Odense Solstice Oak

Pergo Odense Beaufort Oak

Pergo Odense Rustic Oak

Need colour advice?

Designed for modern living, with the beauty and character of wood

Versatile – can be installed in a variety of locations such as homes, offices, retail fit-outs and restaurants. 

Healthy – Create a healthier, cleaner and safer living environment with less dirt, dust and allergens compared to carpet.

Durable – Backed by a 15 – 25 year product warranty

Comfortable underfoot


Pergo Siberian Oak



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