7 essential questions to ask when choosing wooden floors

We’ve all made bad purchase decisions before, and making one of them when purchasing wooden floors is not something anyone wants.  Like many things, the best way to make the right choice is to talk with an expert

But a great starting point will be to ask yourself some questions about your space.

We’ve put together 7 mandatory questions to help you with your decision-making process.  A must-read if you are considering buying wooden floors.

1.  How much foot traffic do you have in your space?

More people means more foot traffic which usually means your floors are more likely to be worn and damaged.  If this is the case you may want to consider a laminate wooden flooring for its durability and flexibility.

2.  Is your flooring going in the kitchen?

Things get dropped daily, and a variety of liquids are often spilled in the kitchen, all of which a wooden floor can react negatively to. The type of finish you choose can have a big impact on durability but there are other things to consider as well such as which colour hides stains best and what textured surface is most practical.

3.  Do you have inside pets?

Cats, dogs, hamsters; when they let loose on wooden floors their claws can leave all sorts of scratches.  Some dogs love to slide around on some wooden floors but others can be petrified of them.  Solid timber floors are more likely to scratch than engineered timber or laminate floorings.

4.  Is your wooden flooring in direct sunlight?

Depending on the colour you choose and the amount of direct sunlight your floor receives, it will fade and/or bleach out and contract a lot more when in direct sunlight.  What window coverings are you planning to put in place?

5.  What colours are your walls?

Making sure you choose the right colour for your floor is, understandably really important.  For obvious reasons you want it to look great and complement the colour of your walls and decor.  But you also don’t want to make your space look smaller, shorter or narrower than it needs to look.  Colour choice can have a big impact on this.

6.  How do you plan on cleaning your wooden flooring?

There are some major “no no’s” when it comes to cleaning wooden floors and you need to consider what is practical and what isn’t.  Water, such a common component with cleaning can cause damage to some types of wooden floors.  
Think about how often you are going to need to clean your floor and get advice from an expert on the best cleaning methods for your wooden floor.

7. Is your flooring for a rental property or your own home?

Tenants will never treat your floors with the same respect and care as you will.  Plus they wont know how to clean or care for your floor properly – which can lead to some maintenance problems.  A lot of property investors prefer the durability and practicality of laminate flooring for their investment properties.

If you’d like to book a consultation with one of our experts to answer any questions you have, please contact us through the button below and we can arrange a callback.