The complete ‘when & where’
guide to laminate flooring

When to use it. Where to use it.
Why more people are using it.


Wooden flooring.
It’s so hot right now!

We’ve been saying that for 30 years. Nothing has changed either. In fact, if anything it’s hotter now that it was 30 years ago. If only everything worked like that 🙂

Like a single malt scotch during lockdown, wooden flooring is the real deal. And in our opinion – unbeatable.
But, across the decades, laminate flooring has become a very worthy contender, and is now an incredibly attractive and popular choice.

It will never beat the real thing, but it can be a great option.

So, this quick post will answer some of the common questions you may have around laminate flooring. We’ll look at what laminate flooring is, when should you use it, where we recommend to use it, and how you can use it to add value to your space.

Let’s check it out.

What is laminate flooring?


Laminate flooring is not actually wood.

It is a high-density fibre board, with a melamine laminate surface that sits on top of the HDF. The beauty of this surface is its design versatility. Essentially the laminate surface is a high-quality printed image that is glued to the fibre board.

This means you could take pretty much any design, print it and glue it to your floors.
Of course, we are here for the enchanting qualities of wood.

So, if you want the raw, rustic feel of salted oak?

That radiant sheen of the ever-popular Merbau?

Each panel is purposely and perfectly printed, with design and durability in mind.

It will never have the rich feel of the real thing, but it is a very popular alternative.


When you should use it?

Aside from its aesthetic qualities, the cover of laminate flooring is a hard and robust surface.  It is predominantly made up of melamine resin, which gives the floor its exceptional durability.  This is good for people with pets, young kids or commercial spaces with high foot traffic and areas that are susceptible to wear and tear.

Here are some situations when you should consider laminate flooring over wooden flooring:

  • If you have young kids who unleash their diggers, nailpolish, bikes, lawn mowers, prams, paint, chainsaws and tantrums wherever (and whenever), they want.
  • If you have teenagers who do all the above but are also prone to spilling drinks when you are out.
  • If you have pets with claws that come inside and chase balls around the house.
  • If you are adding wooden floors to an investment property. The tenants are never going to take as much care as you will.
  • If you have a high amount of traffic including shoes, boots and heels etc.
  • If you are ok having an imitation of the real thing.

Where you should use it?

The durability and versatility of laminate flooring means you can use it just about anywhere. But there are naturally some places that are better suited, and also some that are not recommended.

Recommended areas include:

  • Areas that are exposed to prolonged sun. Over time the sun can cause wooden floors to fade or crack. The resin layer of laminate flooring makes it more resistant to sun exposure.
  • Living rooms. The right colour will really elevate the presence of your furniture. Can also be coupled with a stylish rug.
  • Dining rooms. Sliding dining table chairs around can leave scuffs that laminate floors are resistant to.
  • Stairs. If you have stairs and you want to match your floors then laminate flooring is a practical option when installed right.
  • Kitchens. As long as you are diligent with liquid spills, laminate flooring is a great choice for the heart of your home. The durable texture and easy maintenance surface are perfect for the traffic and mess of a kitchen. Again, just stay on top of any major spills.
  • As most of our Laminate ranges are able to offer a water resistant surface coating now, we can put some laminates in bathrooms, toilets and laundries (complete with a 10 year warranty).
  • Showrooms or shop floors.

Areas to avoid:

  • Garages. Laminate flooring is for feet, not cars.

How laminate flooring can add value?

At the time of writing, the property market in New Zealand is the hottest it’s ever been.

Low interest rates, global pandemics and expats returning home have seen house prices rise to staggering levels. As sellers aim to milk every dollar they can, we are seeing more people renovate their homes and more agents dressing and presenting them to maximise that perceived value. The glue that brings these elements together is wooden flooring.

Because wooden flooring looks expensive.
Because like we said at the start – it truly is ‘hot damn’.

Pergo-Anchor-Grey-Oak-laminate flooring

Engineered and solid timber are unbeatable and will add superior value hands down every day of the week. Laminate flooring is an efficient, practical, more affordable way to add value to your home or space. So long as you choose the right colour and type for your space and so long as it is installed properly.

We’ve done our best to provide some good information in this post to give you some guidance, but we highly recommend that if you are looking at wooden or laminate flooring, you give us a call and we go over your options with you. Share our experience, offer our expertise, provide inspiration.

That is after all why we are here – and likely why you are there too.

The JHF Team