If you’re looking for solid timber flooring that is distinctive and hard-wearing, you’ll love our extensive range of native and imported solid timbers. Whether you want traditional tongue and groove or parquet block floors we can offer the perfect solution for your home or commercial space. 

Luxurious, rich and robust wooden flooring for your space

Solid wooden floors are especially suitable for:

Family homes 

Beach houses

New, quality & architecturally designed homes

Heavy traffic areas such as shopping centres

Sports floors and hallways


Public spaces

Restaurants and cafes

American Oak with Maple strip (Ships decking)

Our 7-day installation process

Day 1

The surface is prepared

Day 2

The flooring is installed (large floors can take longer than a day, up to a week)

Day 3

The floor is sanded and one coat of polyurethane is applied

Day 4-5

Two further coats of polyurethane are applied

Day 6

The floor can be safely walked on in clean, dry socks (no heavy furniture)

Day 7

Return furniture. Invite your friends over and make them jealous (then give them our phone number!)
Note: polyurethane takes five to seven days to fully harden. Be prepared for noise and dust during installation and sanding – but be even more prepared to be thrilled with the outcome!

About our solid timber flooring

Our solid timber flooring is usually 13mm, 19mm or 21mm thick, with widths varying from a 65mm wide board to 220mm wide and comes in two distinct options:

      • Tongue & Groove flooring
      • Parquet block flooring

The width of a tongue and groove floor will vary depending on the desired effect and the thickness of the timber: 13mm flooring timber is most stable in 65mm wide or, at most, 85mm wide.  However, we can lay 21mm flooring in boards of up to 220mm wide.

Depending on the profile, between a third and a quarter of the thickness of the timber is safely available for re-sanding but, taken to its limit, this could be up to a half. Therefore, a 19mm tongue and groove floor may have 6mm safely available for sanding.

19mm or 21mm solid timber floors can be installed over concrete or timber subfloors, and directly over joists.

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So easy to maintain

Solid wooden floors do change colour over time from UV light and will become scratched and worn from every-day living. The good news is that your floor can be resanded and coated by our experienced floor sanders.
This process may use anything from zero to 2mm of the timber depending on the level of character that has developed on your floor. We offer oils, hardwaxes or waterbased polyurethane finishes for your floor. 

Polyurethaned and oiled solid timber floors are easily cleaned by regular sweeping/vacuuming, and cleaning with a suitable floor cleaner. Dry-mopping is best. Use a spray-bottle containing a recommended diluted cleaner and wipe over with a dry mop – avoid over-wetting as this can cause damage.  

We do not recommend the use of any steam mops, abrasive cleaning products, ammonia based cleaning products or cleaners not specified by ourselves.

To learn more on how to clean your solid timber floor, have a look at our cleaning instructions (located at footer of our website) or browse our cleaning products.


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