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5 Ways Wooden Flooring Adds Value To Your Home

Property staging has really upped the presentation game of houses for sale in the last few years.  

People spend a fortune hiring furniture, artwork, bedding and ‘throws’ to improve the presentation of their home and the perceived value when preparing for sale.

What a lot of people neglect to spend time on, however, is their flooring. This is a bit strange given it is literally in every room in the house!

It’s not always the first thing you notice when looking at a home, nor is it the top value-adding feature – that’s usually a full kitchen renovation or upgrade.

But the reality is – flooring has a tremendous impact on how people feel when looking to buy a new home.

Think about how badly rotten carpet can make you feel – smelly, with stains and hair and mould and other spots you don’t want to know about. It can be a deal-breaker.

Of course, like anything – this is largely down to the condition and good carpet in bedrooms is by all means a popular option.

But then think about the rich, beautifully textured, flawlessly flawed vibes that wooden flooring evokes. That premium look with a timeless presence and expensive feel. It’s hard to beat, and there is a reason homes with wooden flooring are easier to sell and sell for more.

So in a nutshell, wooden flooring can really elevate the presentation of your space.

And in this blog we’re going to dive into 5 reasons why it can also add value to your home.

1. Wooden floors make neutral designs easier to sell


Wooden floors spring neutral rooms into life.

If you’ve ever watched reality TV shows like ‘The Block’ or ‘Love It or List It’ the experts always talk about how so many people ‘play it safe’ with neutral colours.

Neutral colours like “Alabaster White” or “Sea Fog” (just another slightly more grey-white) are heavily used in most properties built in the past two decades.

These are colours that are not too bright, bold, random or dull – used on walls, ceilings, architraves and skirtings. And they keep most people happy, whatever their preference.

There is however, a risk of being too bland.

This is where rich, warm-feeling, wooden flooring can bring a neutral look to life and add that premium, high-quality feel that designs are crying out for. A contemporary, natural offset that lays a beautiful, warm foundation for an otherwise blank canvas.  

So if you have a neutral colour palette, wooden floors are the perfect way to bring your space to life.

2. Wooden floors can be re-finished to your style

Unlike carpet, solid timber and engineered wooden flooring can be re-sanded and coated.
There is a method to this and it is really important to work with a professional to correctly sand and re-coat the right way.  If it is done right, you can completely change the look of an existing timber floor to match your own taste and design.

This can be an appealing selling point to prospective buyers who want to add their own fresh look or unique touch and personality to the property.

3. Hardwood lasts for years and years


The majority of people don’t want to go into a new home having to rip up old carpet or do any major restorations.  As mentioned before, old smelly and worn carpets can be one of the first things to turn prospective buyers away.

Hardwood floors however age a lot more gracefully. While we guarantee any timber floor will dent, mark, fade and scratch, all of these imperfections only enhance the beauty of a floor’s overall appearance. 

The ability to have your floor re-sanded and coated multiple times just adds to the solid investment for homeowners and prospective buyers. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your wooden floor shining for many years to come.

4. They are so easy to clean!


Ah carpet. So soft underfoot.

But it can also be a great cover for some unwanted stuff underfoot too.

Dirt, pollen, dust, soggy weetbix, dates, pet hair, human hair, bits of cookie your toddler dropped, other things your toddler dropped (or deposited), bugs, liquids and the ever-elusive thumbtacks or Lego that are impossible to find until you stand on them, in the middle of the night, and wake the whole neighbourhood up screaming in pain. 

Carpet can also be quite tricky to clean – not to mention expensive.

Spills and dirt of all sorts (yes red wine that means you) can and does leave stains.

Solid hardwood, engineered timber and laminate floors on the other hand are far easier to keep clean – presenting a more practical and hygienic surface.  This appeals to health-conscious buyers with allergies who appreciate the cleanliness and ease of maintaining hardwood floors.

Ultimately, again, increasing the overall value of your home.

5.Wooden flooring is seasonal


You might think wooden flooring is too cold to have in winter.

You’d be surprised though at how a darker colour can actually capture and retain natural warmth from the sun on those cold days.  And you can always use a thick rug to warm up areas you need in colder months.

As for warmer climates, the cool, contemporary, lighter shades can actually help keep temperatures to a comfortable level.  

For wetter climates, trampling water onto carpets can leave soggy, smelly (resembling a wet sheep), stains and the increased risk of mould.  

Wooden floors however, can easily be dried off, mopped and back to normal very easily

Conclusion.  Yes, wooden flooring adds value to your property!


In many ways, hardwood floors are the MVP of your home – especially when you are looking to sell.   They not only bring a timeless and stylish presence, but they’re also incredibly durable, easy to clean, and hygienic. 

With the added bonus of being able to change up their appearance through staining, oiling and hardwaxing or a coat of polyurethane, they’re a flexible choice that can cater to any design style or preference. 

By selecting the right colour and finish, you can create a unique atmosphere that will add value to your home and appeal to potential buyers. 

If you have any questions on style, trends, installation or maintenance – or would like to view our showroom or order some samples – we are always here to help. 

Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.  We’d love to share our expertise and offer you some guidance in your search for the very best wooden flooring.

-The JHF team.